I’m heading to Italy for the first time two weeks and am using it as the perfect opportunity to do some shopping. Because, duh. There are so many amazing summer sales right now – I still can’t say goodbye to my off the shoulder dresses and lace up sandals, but all good things must come to an end. I’m making room in my closet for cozy knits and boots. Luckily, I plan on stretching out my endless summer in the Amalfi Coast. Here’s what I want to fill my suitcase with:

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

Anything white. White is by far my favorite color to wear, and the best vacation color. I’m envisioning linen tunics for lazy days by the beach and simple slips for nighttime.

Denim shorts. Vintage Levi’s are the way to go. After a year of lusting over them, I finally got a pair by RE/DONE and let’s just say they are so worth the price. They fit perfectly and will last for years to come. #momjeansforlife

Bathing suits. Two pieces and one pieces galore. I especially love one pieces because they double as a bodysuit to wear with a skirt or shorts. September is supposed to still be pretty warm in Amalfi Coast, so we’re hoping to catch some sun.

Lots of dresses. Everyone knows the easiest vacation outfit is a dress or romper. Both are outfits that are one and done. You can get dressed and be on your way for the day in 10 minutes. Dresses are especially helpful when you’re trying to only pack a carry on. Also.. Planning on leaving lots of room for all the delicious carbs in Italy 😉 so definitely nothing skin tight.

Hats. My favorite accessory that helps you look put together instantly. I wear this one by Lack of Color ALL the time.

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

What to Pack for Italy | The Luxi Look

Free People is definitely one of my go-to brands for vacation pieces. I like to go to the Free People website for the best selection of gauzy tunics and light knit dresses. This particular tunic is a little on the shorter side but makes for the cutest swim cover up.

For those of you that have been to Italy – what to pack, wear, do, and eat? You guys always have the most amazing recs!!

And how are you ending your summer? Any fun Labor Day plans??

xx, Amy

dress: free people | hat: lack of color (similar) | shoes: steve madden

photos: jordan zobrist

You can’t always get what you want. Especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. I LOVE shoes but have to be conscious of how much I spend. There will always be another pair to lust after. While I wish my shoe closet looked like this (#goals), in reality it does not. That’s why it’s so incredibly satisfying to me when I can find a designer shoe look a like for less. I usually turn to a handful of trusty and affordable shoe brands to fill my closet with shoes that are high quality and look expensive, but also won’t break the bank.

best affordable shoe brands

best affordable shoe brands

Zara – Zara does fast fashion best and their shoes are no exception. If you’re looking for a straight off the runway style, Zara is always a safe bet. Plus, new styles are being added every week! And YAY to their US online store (+ free returns ; )) making life so much easier. Their selection of boots right now is ON POINT. Can someone PLEASE explain why they don’t carry size 7 in shoes?

Steve Madden – always reliable and reasonably priced. I especially like Steve Madden for trendy sandals and heels. The quality can sometimes be hit or miss, so always try them on and test for fit and comfort before fully committing.

Jeffrey Campbell – for girls that want a little more edge for their shoe game. I’m especially a fan of JC’s booties – I’ve had this pair for 6 years. The quality of their leather and suede shoes is great. They look and feel very luxe for the price!

Topshop – Topshop’s shoes always kill the game. You can find almost any style for between $50-$150. The best part is these shoes LAST. I wore my flatforms to death this summer and have also found their boots to be very sturdy. Topshop has been my go-to destination for MULES also – one of my current favorite shoe styles (worn here).


best affordable shoe brands

When it comes to trends I love, I’m definitely a repeat offender. You don’t even want to know how many off the shoulder tops, slip dresses, and chokers I’ve acquired over the past couple years.

Lately, I’ve been noticing STARS everywhere. I think they make the cutest print – remember this dress? Still obsessed. However, THIS Forever 21 dress is one of my favorite items I’ve purchased lately. And a total steal at $22!

I’m getting ready for fall fashion and trends, but in the meantime dresses are still my go to. Adding some simple accessories always helps to complete the look. I only wash my hair 2x a week so a hat is a MUST after day 2. Also currently loving mules. Flat versions for daytime, heeled for nighttime.

What are your favorite shoe brands? And, is everyone getting excited for fall fashion?? I just dusted off my OTK boots… I cannot wait!

xx, Amy

dress: forever 21 | hat: lack of color | shoes: topshop

photos: ryan chua

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Kanye West has gotten into fashion. You also probably know that his Yeezy line has been insanely successful, with every collection selling out almost instantly (remember the madness that was the Yeezy Boost 350?). Most recently, one piece caught my eye – the Yeezy Season 2 Lucite Heels.

I’ll be honest, lucite heels aren’t usually my thing. They’re definitely a statement piece.

Listen – I am all about trying trends (only the ones I LOVE) in moderation. These heels are a perfect example of that. I wasn’t ready to drop $600 on them, so I set out to find the next best thing.

Yeezy Season 2 Lucite Heels

Luckily, I came across a nearly identical pair for less than 10% of the original price. Ummm, SOLD.

This pair by Public desire is the best dupe I’ve found. At only $45, they also won’t break your wallet.

These lucite heels add a fun touch to any outfit, especially at night. I’ve been wearing slip dresses non-stop lately (see here and here) for an easy summertime outfit.

What do you think of Kanye’s Yeezy line? Are lucite heels are a yay or a nay in your book?

xx, Amy

dress: luna b | shoes: public desire

photos: ryan chua

I had the honor of attending the re-opening of the Murad store on 3rd Street a few weeks back. (If you’re in LA, check out the brand new store!) Murad was actually one of the first skincare brands I splurged on after I graduated from drugstore products in high school. Needless to say, I was super excited to meet Dr. Murad himself, who happened to be in attendance that evening! Dr. Murad was an absolute DELIGHT in person and full of wisdom (on skincare among many other topics). One skincare tip he really emphasized was how important it is to eat your water.

Wait, what? Eat your water? YEP. Think about it this way – we’re often told that we need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but what about the foods we are eating?

Eat Your Water Murad Giveaway

Reformation Addie Dress

Eat Your Water

It only makes sense that nourishing, water filled foods such as fruits and vegetables would be better for your skin than icky, preservative and sodium filled crap. Right?! When we eat our water, we are able to nourish our body from the inside out. The average human body is about 60% water, which explains why fruits and veggies help our skin glow.

Some other benefits of drinking + eating your water when it comes to skin – less prominent wrinkles, brighter skin, and fewer breakouts. Lesson learned – stay hydrated!! If drinking your 8 glasses a day is tricky, try adding lemon, cucumber, or mint! And, eat your water!

Reformation Addie Dress Topshop Sandals

Reformation Addie Dress Melon Print

Reformation Addie Midi Dress Melon Print

Speaking of eating your water, I LOVE fruits and veggies. In case you can’t guess from this dress, I love watermelon (which just so happens to be 92% water – yesss!). After hearing Dr. Murad speak, I’ve made a point to eat as many fruits and veggies every day as possible. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I load up on fruit based foods vs. dehydrating foods such as foods high in sodium (anything processed, ick) and alcohol.

I’ve also been incorporating some Murad products into my skincare routine and so far am LOVING them!! Full review of everything to come.

Reformation Addie Dress

Reformation Addie Dress

Reformation Addie Dress

Finally, I wanted to say that I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you that follows me and comes by my page to read my posts. I love you guys! That’s why I am SO excited to be partnering with Murad to give away $150 worth of Murad products! There’s no better time to start a new skincare routine than with the changing seasons!

You can enter with your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – see below for rules and regulations. This giveaway will be open until September 9th. Good luck babes!! And thank you so much for reading.

xx, Amy

Murad $150 Gift Card Giveaway

dress: reformation | shoes: topshop

photos: jordan zobrist

You may have noticed that something about me is a little different… I colored my hair! As anyone that knows me well can tell you, I went back and forth on the decision for years before finally taking the leap and doing it. I knew that anything other than my natural hair color would look very… unnatural, so I was apprehensive to say the least. If you’re thinking about dying your hair for the first time, read on…

So the title of this post may be slightly misleading, I’m not actually blonde (nor am I ready to make that dramatic leap yet). I am really more of a sandy/honey colored bronde. I was VERY specific about what I wanted and went in with pictures and a long list of attributes I did and did not want (tbh I was a complete nightmare of a client – not too ashy, not too warm, not too brassy, not too high maintenance, the list went on and on).

If you’ve never colored your hair before, I highly recommend doing your research in advance to temper expectations and minimize disappointment. It is a BIG change (or was for me, at least) and definitely an investment that requires a LOT of maintenance. With that being said, it is a fun way to change up your appearance and add some dimension to your hair!

The Luxi Look First Time Coloring Hair Lighter
The Luxi Look Lightening Asian Hair Color
The Luxi Look First Time Coloring Dying Hair

First, know that everyone’s hair reacts to dye differently and if you have virgin hair (never been colored before) you won’t know how your hair will react to bleach. I’ve always been horrified seeing photos of girls with super brassy hair but I quickly learned that can happen to anybody. This is because underneath your natural hair color are underlying pigments that can show up when you bleach your hair – so underneath dark hair you have red and orange undertones, which explains why dark hair can turn super brassy and orange.

If you have dark hair, know that you won’t be able to go from black to blonde in a day (at least not without SERIOUSLY damaging your hair). Lightening your hair is a process that takes time.

After doing endless research behind the science of coloring hair, I had to find someone I would trust to do the actual service. Instagram is surprisingly helpful – many colorists have and will post on Instagram these days! I stalked my colorist (@biancacolour – she is AMAZING) for a year before biting the bullet and booking an appointment.

The Luxi Look First Time Coloring Hair Blonde
The Luxi Look White Set Delacy
The Luxi Look Coloring Asian Hair Blonde

I noticed that Bianca colored a lot of ASIAN hair  – that was immediately a huge plus in my book (as I mentioned above, Asian hair can turn brassy and orange easily if you’re not careful). If you’re looking on someone’s page and don’t see 1. any final results that you absolutely love or 2. anyone that has your type of hair, you might want to look elsewhere.

When it comes to the actual appointment, pictures are a lifesaver. When it comes to any beauty service, you can’t expect people to read your mind and give you what you want unless you tell them!

After the whole process is done, it’s time to focus on proper care. I’m still new to the colored hair game, but I made sure to grill every person I came across in the salon on tips and products to use. Bianca mentioned regular toning sessions to maintain the color and to stay out of the sun as much as possible. I’ll do a post on hair color maintenance as soon as I have more experience living with and caring for colored hair!

The Luxi Look Delacy Set Lili Claspe Horn Necklace
The Luxi Look Delacy White Two Piece Set
The Luxi Look Delacy White Two Piece Set

With Labor Day coming up quickly, it’s clear that summer is almost officially over. While that may be the case, I have always been the biggest proponent that white CAN be worn after Labor Day (and in fact, is encouraged). Why wouldn’t you want to show off that summer tan before it fades away in winter?? For most, black is the old standby but I have always been obsessed with the color WHITE.

This matching set by De Lacy is not only comfy but also flattering, all white (and tight) can be intimidating to wear, but there is well positioned wrapping and ruching to protect you even if you eat one too many tacos… seriously the best for those days and nights out. If you’re looking for quality basic pieces, De Lacy has you covered – shop my favorite picks below.

As always, thank you for reading (!!) – have a beautiful weekend loves! Let’s make the most of these last few weeks of summer!

xx, Amy

two piece set: c/o de lacy (top on sale!, skirt –  both in black)

photos: lauren miller

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