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It’s Friday night after a long week. How do you unwind? In my early twenties, Friday nights were typically extremely boozy occasions with all of my best friends. Now that I’m in my late twenties, Friday nights are much tamer, to say the least. But they often involve unwinding with a glass of wine, an Aperol spritz, or spicy marg. But not this month. On December 31st, my boyfriend announced he would be doing a Sober January. I thought about it for a second and decided quickly I would join him. That means for the month of January, no alcohol. No evening glasses of wine, no cocktails with dinner, no drinks out with friends. So – what’s the deal with Sober January?

Kicking Off the Year With Sober January | by The Luxi Look

Kicking Off the Year With Sober January | by The Luxi Look

Kicking Off the Year With Sober January | by The Luxi Look

Why we decided to do Sober January

After the holidays, which were indulgent and booze-filled, to say the least, we were both ready for a reset. Combine that with a desire to get sh*t done in the month of January (hey, resolutions + goal setting!) and extremely busy work schedules, and we both knew we had to cut the booze.

I’m not a big drinker to begin with, but a glass or two of wine with dinner can quickly become a habit, especially over the holidays when I wasn’t working every day. Then, of course, there are the more obvious reasons to cut down on alcohol – it can lead to weight gain, interferes with sleep, is horrible for your skin, it’s filled with sugar, etc. etc. I could go on and on.

To be completely honest, we both wanted to debloat from the month of December and not have to deal with hangovers and all the other expenses of drinking. We honestly couldn’t afford to be out all night, wake up late in the morning hungover, and eat junk food. #adulting

It’s also funny how our minds work sometimes – I swear when I tell myself I can’t have something, I just end up wanting it more. Does anyone else feel this way? Even though I often usually go days and weeks without drinking, I noticed that when I set a challenge of having NO drinks, I found myself being more aware of the times I was in social situations and wasn’t drinking. I also quickly realized how much alcohol is ingrained in social outings and our culture in general. You don’t even realize how alcohol is everywhere and so many social situations often involve drinking. Now that we aren’t drinking this month, we’re definitely being more creative with the activities we choose to do with friends. Workout date, anyone?

Kicking Off the Year With Sober January | by The Luxi Look

Kicking Off the Year With Sober January | by The Luxi Look

It’s only been a couple weeks, but we’ve already noticed a difference in our bodies and energy levels. My skin has definitely cleared up and smoothed out. I feel way less bloated, and I’m sleeping well and waking up naturally. This isn’t to say I’ll never drink again. I definitely miss having the occasional glass of wine. The other night at dinner I definitely stared at the spicy margaritas at our table enviously. But the mental clarity and focus have been much needed this month to tackle our to-do list and I’m happy with the decision and the little mini-challenge we gave ourselves.

We kicked off the challenge after a champagne-filled New Year’s Eve… I loved the sequined dress I wore from Revolve so much. I know sequins are such a NYE thing, but I really think this dress could be worn during the year as well. Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to wear it again ; ).

What are your thoughts on doing a dry January?

dress: its nbd | jacket: bb dakota | shoes: raye

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been dealing with a bug for the past few days and am finally starting to feel better. I used to get sick ALL THE TIME and could never figure out why. Turns out what you do when you start feeling even the slightest bit under the weather goes a long way in nipping a cold in the bud or easing the symptoms. These days, the minute I start feeling a little off or the slightest tickle on my throat, I go into full on (slightly psycho) preventative mode. Personally, I would so much rather take it easy for a few days and nurture my health rather than be out of commission for an entire week. While there’s no cure for the common cold, there are some things you can to do take care of yourself and get better ASAP.

How to get over the common cold:

+ Cancel Your Social Plans

The first thing I do when I feel a bug coming on is cancel all of my social plans. I hate flaking, but when you’re sick, rest is the best thing you can do for your body! Also, your friends don’t want to get sick!! For some reason it took me years to actually do this. I’d feel a tickle in my throat and still go to my hot yoga class after work and then meet up with a friend for dinner after, only to wake up the next morning completely wiped out and unable to function for an entire week. When your body starts acting up, it’s telling you to stay home and get as many zzz’s as you can – this is the only way you’ll get better as quickly as possible! Staying in for a few nights and taking care of yourself is always worth it!

How to get over the common cold | by The Luxi Look

+ Try Various Cold Remedies

Next, I load up on all sorts of different remedies. A pain reliever and decongestant goes a long way to relieve body aches and pains and a stuffy nose, and cough drops always help as well. I also like to load up on Vitamin C packets and tons of tea. My favorite at home concoction is honey, lemon, ginger, and cayenne.

+ Incorporate the following immunity boosting ingredients into your diet:
  • Chicken soup – turns out there’s some truth to this old wives tale!
  • Echinacea + zinc – all natural supplements that boost your immune system.
  • Garlic – specifically, RAW GARLIC. Raw garlic has been shown to have some cold fighting benefits and is overall SO good for you. If you’re not sure about eating raw garlic, try adding it to soups or spreading it on toast. I usually mince a raw clove and eat it with a spoonful of honey (a little I trick I learned from the internet). Your significant other will LOVE you for doing this.

What to Do When You've Caught a Cold | by The Luxi Look

+ Drink up!

I cannot get enough fluids when I’m sick. I always make sure to drink tea, warm water with lemon, bone broth/chicken noodle soup, and juice. You can totally make your own juices and smoothies at home, but when I’m sick that’s usually the last thing I want to do. In LA, there are so many juice bars that make it easy to get all of the nutrients and boosters you want in a beverage. I always make sure to pick up a WELLNESS SHOT (varies from place to place, my favorite contains lemon, ginger, cayenne, oil of oregano, garlic extract, and echinacea). My favorite places in LA to get a smoothie or juice when I’m under the weather:

  • Beverly Hills Juice Company: get a shot of ginger, E3 live, wheatgrass together and stock up on the Apple Lemon Triple juice for a boost to your immune system. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, I LOVE their Banana Mana shakes (with apple strawberry coconut or carrot coconut juice).
  • Earth Bar: I especially love the Amazon Immunity + Radiant Skin smoothies when I’m feeling sick. These are filling and easy to drink even if you don’t have much of an appetite. Their fresh green juices are amazing for a boost of vitamins and nutrients as well, and I always make sure to order a double Cold + Sinus shot.
  • Kreation: tons of locations around LA with some of my favorite cold pressed juices and made to order smoothies. They also have a variety of “wellness shots” for anything you need.

What are your favorite cold busting tips? xx

Even though I’m an introvert at heart, I love a good party every now and then. I mean, who doesn’t? December is my favorite time of year – I love the holiday season and all of the festivities that come with it. Not to mention, December happens to be my birth month! Naturally, this means lots of holiday parties, events, indulgent dinners, and nights out. As much as I try to maintain a healthy routine, it can be almost impossible to stay entirely on track this time of year.

Determined to do it all, I’ve been trying my best to be a healthier party goer. The goal is to be social and not miss out (even though there’s nothing I love more than staying in), while sticking to some semblance of a health and wellness routine. The key is always balance, and with a little effort and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can manage your social calendar without gaining a pound. Who says you have to sacrifice your waistline for a social life?

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Tips for being a healthier party goer

+ Checks and balances

Life would be oh so great if we could just eat whatever you want, drink as much as we want, never workout, and not gain a pound. Unfortunately for most of us, that’s just not the reality of life. When it comes to going out, the biggest thing is making sure everything balances out. Meaning, if you indulge more in one area, you have to tighten up in another. Some examples: if you’re planning on drinking more than normal, maybe skip the dessert one night. If you want seconds of your favorite holiday dish, keep the portion size small. Of course, you know your body best, and if you rarely indulge, there’s no need to be so strict either! If your routine is usually pretty light and healthy, you have to trust your body to be able to handle a few extra cocktails and a slice of pie.

+ Make healthy choices

Most parties will have healthier options. Stick to veggies and proteins. If you’re worried about the options that will be available, consider bringing a healthier dish as a contribution. There’s also no shame in bringing your own healthy snack! In college, I would pack wheat PB&J sandwiches in my purse if I knew there was late night pizza in my future and I wanted to avoid it. A little discipline goes a long way! When it comes to alcohol, stick to clear spirits (tequila, vodka) with sparkling water and extra lemon/lime.

If you’re really craving a cocktail, have just one – craft cocktails are FILLED with sugar and one will usually do the trick. Switch to cleaner drinks after if you want to continue drinking. If you’re not into vodka sodas, sip some bubbly!! A glass of champagne is less than 100 calories, and you’re much less likely to chug a glass of champagne because of the bubbles. If you’re worried about standing around without an alcoholic beverage, grab a glass of sparkling water and lime. You’ll save yourself from tons of calories, unnecessary sugar, and a nasty hangover the next day.

+ Eat before parties and enough

I hear so many girls say they won’t eat before events or will skip meals – I’m guilty of this too – but the reality is your body needs fuel! When you don’t eat, your body essentially goes into “starvation mode” and begins to hold onto extra calories, effectively slowing your metabolism. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten is to always have a small snack before going out – an apple, a little bit of protein (turkey slices, hard boiled egg), a handful of nuts – it’ll settle your stomach and prevent you from gorging at the actual event. If you’re on a stricter diet, make sure to eat in advance if you aren’t sure what will be available to eat at a party. The last thing you want is to show up starving and have no healthy options available.

+ Drink water

Especially if you’re drinking. The age old advice to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a glass of water is tried and trued. Staying hydrated will stave off hunger and hangovers – such a no brainer!

+ Up the workouts

Squeeze in a workout whenever you have an extra moment. If your schedule is extra busy, try incorporating HIIT or treadmill intervals into your routine – these quick, high intensity workouts are super effective at torching calories on the fly. Schedule your workouts into your calendar or sign up for a workout class with a friend – that way you can be accountable! Making time to take care of yourself and your health and wellness is ALWAYS worth it.

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Of course, you want to look appropriately festive for all of your holiday events! If you’re looking for a holiday party outfit that will take you from office to night, this duster jacket has been one of my favorite pieces. I can’t get enough of all things metallic right now – festive without being over the top! I’ve linked my entire outfit below, as well as some of my other favorite metallic holiday pieces.

Happy Holidays, everyone!! How do you stay healthy during this time of year? xx

duster: house of harlow | t-shirt: similar | jeans: similar

jewelry: dogeared | shoes: steve madden | purse: gucci


When you think of Thanksgiving, the first things that come to mind: family, gratitude, and of course, a feast. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a month of holiday parties and gatherings through the end of the year. We love it for being the happiest time of year… but hate the weight gain that come with it. When it comes to maintaining healthy routines and our waistline, every little bit of effort makes a difference. Read on for some easy tips for a healthier Thanksgiving (and holiday season!).

Tips for a healthier turkey day:

+ Sweat before you feast. Most fitness studios will offer some variation of a “turkey burn” class so you can get your workout in before you feast. Or get the whole family in on it for a 5k/local turkey trot! Every year, I do a turkey day yoga sculpt class in the morning before I spend the rest of the day cooking and eating – so worth it!

+ Drink water – a no brainer, but it’s so easy to mistake boredom or thirst for hunger. Constantly sipping water throughout the day will help you better gauge how hungry you are for the big feast. Which brings me to my next point…

+ Eat breakfast! Too often we automatically think that in order to eat X, we have to starve ourselves first. This is so bad for your body for so many reasons! As a general rule of thumb, when you starve yourself, your body goes into starvation mode and begins hanging onto fat. Also, skipping meals causes your blood sugar to drop, slows down your metabolism, and makes it more likely to overeat when you do eat next. If you’re looking to eat a light meal before your big Thanksgiving, opt for eggs (PROTEIN), a smoothie, oatmeal, something to get your digestion and metabolism going!

+ Be a social butterfly. Catch up with everyone at Thanksgiving. Cousin’s new significant other? Introduce yourself. Extended family you haven’t seen in years? Ask them about their lives. Ever notice how when you’re busy talking and socializing, you tend to eat less? Keep yourself busy and distracted from shoveling food into your mouth.

+ Eat slowly. In between chatting with everyone, don’t forget to put your fork down in between bites and eat slowly. It’s much easier to overeat when you wolf your food down, so take small bites, chew, and re-evaluate how hungry you are. Thanksgiving food tends to be decadent, and you might find you’re full sooner than you expected.

+ Go for your favorites. I am not a fan of deprivation at all. Personally, I find that when I tell myself I can’t have something, I end up wanting it more. This is also true with food. When it comes to Thanksgiving, nothing is off limits, but listening to hunger cues is important! I try to load my plate with my favorite side dishes, and skip the ones I don’t care for as much.

+ Make a healthier plate. If you are trying to be more conscious of what you’re eating, even on Thanksgiving, then there are a few simple things you can do to load your plate accordingly. Go heavy on the protein (white meat turkey), load up on veggie sides (roasted vegetables, crunchy salads), go easy on the carbs (stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes), and limit dessert.

+ Move after you eat. A light walk, stretching, anything to get your blood flowing and digestion going. Fresh air is the best after a large meal! Oh, and a cup of detox tea.

+ Practice gratitude. Get rid of the guilt! Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and appreciating what we have. Getting rid of negative thoughts about food and focusing on the present and everything we have to be thankful for (loved ones, our health, our bodies, the meal we just ate…) is what the day is about. Tomorrow is a new day, and the perfect chance to get back on your healthy routine.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! xx

Is it just me, or has the holiday madness already started?! I started putting up (light) holiday decorations last week and have been planning my Thanksgiving menu, working on my holiday gift guide, and trying to get a head start on all the errands that need to get done this month. No complaints at all, this is my absolute favorite time of year and I am intent on enjoying every last minute. With that said, it can be so easy to get burned out or sick when there is so much going on.

As much as I want to say yes to every event and party, I’ve come to learn that my body just can’t take that much excitement. One thing I realized is that I don’t have a consistent morning routine. I wake up early almost every morning and although I consider myself a morning person, I don’t have a routine that helps me get grounded and clear headed every morning. After talking to several different people over the weekend, I learned how important a morning routine is and why I need to invest some time and energy into cultivating one for myself.

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

Why do morning routines matter?

Morning routines don’t have to necessarily mean you’re up at the crack of dawn! What does matter is taking time. Whether its 10 minutes or an hour. Start your day the same way and develop rituals that allow your mind and body to prepare for the day ahead. I love waking up early but I find that more often than not my mornings consist of laying in bed until I have to get ready for work. Or rolling out and rushing to a workout class without any time to center myself for a busy day in front of me. My boyfriend has been telling me to prepare a morning routine for a while now. Unbeknownst to me, he has one that he does every day, usually after I leave for work! He claims it has changed his life.

A few reasons why morning routines matter…

+ They set the tone for the whole day.

+ They allow you to dedicate time to yourself and be selfish, even if just for a few minutes.

+ They make you more productive!

+ They help you determine what is more important and teach you how and what to prioritize.

You know the saying “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything?” If you start the day productive and grounded, I truly believe you are more likely to have that carry through the rest of the day.

For me, as a morning person, I find myself to be most productive when I first wake up. This time is incredibly precious, and is the best time of day for me to get the things done that I need to most (or the tasks that I am less likely to do later in the day… like work out, or clean, or a piece of work that I would otherwise procrastinate on…). I want to be more mindful of how I spend this time, and am going to make a real effort to dial in my mornings and create a lasting, meaningful routine.

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

Creating a Morning Routine & Why It Matters | by The Luxi Look

What goes into a morning routine, and how do you create one?

Everyone’s morning routine might look different! A few examples of things people do in their morning routine – drink a big glass of water, drink warm water with lemon or tea, meditate, journal, stretch, exercise, read, turn off cell phone, make breakfast… the list goes on.

How I plan on creating my morning routine:

+ Stay off my phone for the first hour I’m awake (this will be hard!)

+ Practice more meditation/journaling in place of social media

+ Drink a BIG glass of water + a cup of yerba mate

+ Exercise or do some work

+ Listen to a podcast on my way into the office

Will adjust this as I go, but sharing a glimpse into my hopeful morning routine, to hold myself accountable! Also sharing a look from a few weeks back when believe it or not, it was still sweltering! I’ve shared some looks from Mister Zimi (one of my fave Aussie brands!) in the past, this is actually a swimsuit that I wore as a body suit with a matching skirt. I’ve actually been working to incorporate more basics and neutrals into my wardrobe, but I just cannot say no to a good print! What do you guys think? Prints vs. solids??

What’s in your morning routine? xo

top: mister zimi | skirt: mister zimi | shoes: who what wear x target

earrings: bauble bar | bag: chloe | bracelets: elizabeth stone


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