When it comes to certain things, I am downright lazy. Shopping is one of them. I never enjoyed browsing in stores or spending the whole day shopping. I prefer online shopping, wearing sweatpants, with a face mask on, and drinking a glass wine, over the in store experience any day. The truth is, the majority of my purchases are made online (I mean, who can resist free shipping?). That’s why anything that makes my online shopping experience easier is a huge WIN in my book.

One tool I’ve been using this year and loving? HONEY!

The best online shopping tool for discounts. The One Tool You Need if You Shop Online | by The Luxi Look

With online shopping comes the beauty of digital coupon-ing. How often do you buy something online and wonder if you’re missing out on a discount? Have you ever googled “Sephora coupon code” or “Nordstrom discount”? I do it all the time. I’ve gotten free shipping, 10% off, a gift with purchase, and more with this simple little trick.

Most retailers will offer a discount for your first purchase if you give them your email address. Or they might be running a promotion you missed on the site. It’s amazing what a quick little search can yield in terms of dollars saved. And as you know, I’m all about a good deal. But to be honest, sometimes I forget. I go back to find out I could have saved more if I had dug a little deeper for a coupon code. So my boyfriend and I found and installed a browser extension called Honey, which claimed it would be able to aggregate discounts and help us save money online.

The One Tool You Need if You Shop Online | by The Luxi Look

Honey is the best online shopping I’ve found.

When Honey reached out to me regarding a potential collaboration, I was super excited because I’ve been using it for a while and as a result have saved time and money. If you’re not familiar with what Honey is, it’s a free browser extension that searches the internet for exclusive savings, deals, rewards, and discovery through a community-powered engine. What that means is when you’re checking out online, Honey will do the work for you in helping you find any uncovered discounts. The extension automatically applies discount codes so it’s super easy to use. I especially love Honey for shopping on Amazon because the prices on the site are constantly changing. Honey alerts me about any price drops on items I’m interested in.

If you online shop at ALL, I recommend checking out Honey. Who doesn’t love saving a little $$ without doing a thing?!

Click here to get Honey.

Disclosure – this post was written in partnership with Honey. All opinions expressed are my own.

Talk to anyone these days and they’ll tell you they’re busy. Juggling multiple jobs, obligations, a full social calendar, school, etc. Everyone is busy. So busy, in fact, they don’t have time for anything else. At least it feels that way sometimes. What happened to relaxing and living slowly? What happened to doing nothing? Lately I’ve been taking a step back and re-evaluating my calendar. What I realized is I tend to say “yes” blindly to many things and end up with a calendar that is too full and overwhelming. The result? Event burn out (I’m claiming it’s a real thing!) or cancellations. Either way, it’s no bueno. I’m now convinced a balanced calendar of work + play combined with enough time to actually do nothing is what I need to recharge and stay sane. I’m fully committed to mastering the art of doing nothing.

Ever read the book or see the movie Eat Pray Love? If you haven’t, I recommend it! If nothing else, you will drool over the food in Italy and want to escape to Bali immediately to find your center. The point is, sometimes escaping the day to day and having no agenda is what we need to feel good again! Life can be stressful, we all could use a deep breath and some time doing absolutely nothing every now and then.

I’ve read that one habit successful people exercise is saying “no” to anything that does not move them closer to their goals. That isn’t to say they’re doing nothing – they’re incredibly busy people! But they know when to say no to non-essential activities and focus on only the things that matter. Prioritization is key!

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Right now I am really focused on prioritizing “me” time and trying to make time every week to do absolutely nothing. No work, no errands, no obligations. It isn’t always easy when you get antsy quickly or have a to-do list in your head that is a mile long. But after some practice, meditation, and lots of yoga I’m convinced it’s one of the most important things you can do.

The phrase dolce far niente, or “sweet to do nothing” comes to mind. Beyond being poetic AF, it’s actually an important life lesson we could all learn. According to the dictionary, the phrase means pleasant idleness. Now isn’t that a novel concept? Being idle is so often labelled as BAD, and being busy is GOOD. But if the Italians are on to something here (and I think they are), could it be true? Can being idle be pleasant and productive? Could there be benefits to doing nothing?

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

How to Do Nothing

Stop doing things you don’t want to do.

Obviously, there are some things in life you can’t escape. You have show up to work, pay the bills, etc. I’m not saying go rogue and make it a free for all. But if there are things you truly don’t want to do, it’s okay to say no! I never understand for the life of me why people do things they don’t want to do and proceed to complain about it. Guess what? It’s most likely in your control – and all you have to do is say no.

Ask yourself: “What do I want to do right now?”

How often do we practice this exercise? It’s so simple, yet so difficult to do. For the longest time I was the biggest people pleaser – always thinking about other people and putting their needs above my own. I’d get sick all the time and never knew why. Once I started listening to my body and staying in when I needed to, going to sleep early, skipping workouts when I felt a tickle in my throat, I started getting sick less and recovering more quickly. I still have to remind myself, but on weekends I try to give myself at least a couple hours, if not a full day, of asking myself what want to do. Some days it’s being out and about, other days it’s staying in to cuddle my dog and read a book.

Stop feeling guilty.

Stop feeling guilty for saying no. Your physical, emotional, and mental health is the most important thing. Your body and mind is the most important possession you own. You only have one body and it’s no good if you’re burnt out and run into the ground! Giving yourself an opportunity to rest and do what you want to do will make you a better family member, friend, coworker, etc. Those around you will be getting a better version of you, which benefits everyone! When you do nothing, you might also find that some things you viewed as “essential” actually are not. The world will go on, people will continue living their lives, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Do as the Italians do.

Drink wine with your meal, eat dessert, cook something special. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and food is part of that! Our relationships with food are often complicated – a post for another time – but savoring the little moments and enjoying a good meal are easy ways to get into the lifestyle of dolce far niente.


Turn off the social media, your TV, and a ll the other distractions in your life. Going into nature is optional but highly recommend. Trust me, your Instagram feed can wait. My goal is to have one day a week where I unplug and do nothing – that’s what Sundays are for, right?

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing | by The Luxi Look

The Benefits Of Taking Time For Yourself:

Doing nothing can go against your personality or current lifestyle. But I’ve found that even a day of doing nothing every other week has had tremendous benefits for my mind and body. I feel more refreshed on Mondays and ready to take on the week. I find myself recovering more quickly from tough workouts. My mind is buzzing with creative energy which is perfect for my work and blog. I sleep better, eat better, have fewer food cravings, feel calmer and more at peace in general.

I’m a huge believer in mind body connection. This is a principal I grew learning from my mother and have explored more as I get older. I don’t know about you, but I would rather take small breaks every now and then and prevent burn out from happening in advance. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it can be easy to try to take on more or get more done. My mom always tells me to relax and make time for myself – she’s seen me at my worst and most stressed, and what do you know? Moms are always right. They always know best! She’s been telling me to take time to do nothing for years, and I’m only now just starting to listen to her (sorry, mom!).

All right, I’m off to Palm Springs for the weekend… to try to do exactly this! My boyfriend and I are staying at the Parker (our favorite hotel) for a quiet weekend away from LA to do nothing. Hope you’re able to do the same this weekend!

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One of this year’s “it” designer handbags is undoubtedly the Chloe Nile. First spotted on the runway a year ago, the Nile is the latest in Chloe’s string of recent hit designer bags (following popular styles such as the Drew, Faye, and Hudson). I’m very careful and selective about bags – as much as I would love to snatch up every new designer bag that hits the shelves, the reality is my budget simply does not allow for that. I have to be thoughtful about purchasing designer bags and view them strictly as a luxury want and not a need. With that said, I was really excited to add the Chloe Nile to my closet.

First, let’s talk about what makes an “it” bag. I’m sure everyone would love to know, especially the many designers that are constantly thinking of new designs and sending them out to various companies and individuals in the fashion industry. Stores can’t keep them in stock and somehow every cool fashion girl you know is carrying it. A big part of a label’s image and perception? Influencers. Celebrities, magazine editors, bloggers, social media influencers, the most stylish girl in your office. All of a sudden it seems like everyone has a bag and you just have to get your hands on it. Sometimes people will wait for months for a bag! The Chloe Nile debuted last year in Paris on the runway, and has been seen on the streets since then on many well known influencers. It’s easy to see why it’s been given the title of “it” bag.

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

White is my favorite color to wear, but I’ve always shied away from white handbags. Because let’s face it, white leather screams disaster from a mile away. I’d like to think I’m more cautious and responsible now than I was in my late teens, so after doing extensive research on proper care for white leather, I took the plunge (I always like to do my homework before making a big purchase : )).

I opted for the small crossbody version of the Chloe Nile and it is my favorite bag to carry at the moment – I receive tons of compliments on the bag and the white color freshens up any outfit (it comes in a variety of other colors as well – I love this metallic and this gray version as well)! If you’re considering this bag for yourself, read on for my honest review of this purchase.

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Reviewing the “Chloe Nile” Bag

Size + space: the small crossbody bag is ideal if you’re on the go and traveling light. For reference, I have an iPhone 6s+ and in certain phone cases it does not fit in the bag. I can get away with my phone, a cardholder, chapstick, lipstick, and my keys in the bag. This size is perfect for daytime. The bracelet bag is even smaller. If you like more space in your bag, go for the medium size. Personally, I think the small is the perfect amount of space.

Material: the leather is well made and does not scratch easily. Of course, it never hurts to treat the leather on your handbags. So far I have not had any issues with my bag scratching and the metal bracelet part is not abrasive on the bag itself.

Interior: the inside of the bag is soft suede and looks beautiful. I imagine this would be difficult to clean if you got it dirty, so something to keep in mind if you are prone to accidents and spills.

Price: Chloe bags tend to be less pricey than Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and YSL. The Nile collection tends to fall in the $1500 range.

Practicality: the size and structure of the bag makes it ideal for daytime. However, I think it could also easily transition to night, especially in the summer.


Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Chloe Nile Bag: Reviewing One of This Year's It Bags

Overall, if you’re looking for a small leather crossbody that works well from day to night, I recommend the Chloe Nile. This style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to wear well for years to come. Chloe bags continue to be iconic and translate well long after they hit the streets. They also have decent resell value, if you ever decide to find your bag a new home.

What bags are you currently lusting over?

xx, Amy

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Most mornings start with a glass of coffee. Some days my boyfriend and I have a ritual of making it at home (he hand grinds the beans, sometimes I help : )). Others I grab a cold brew to go. When I have the time, I love visiting coffee shops. Do you enjoy ambiance of a good café and often choose to work or hang out there? Or maybe you’re just downright addicted to caffeine? LOL. Whether you love coffee or NEED coffee, there’s no shortage of coffee shops in LA. I’m not a coffee snob and I’ll happily go to Starbucks for my fix (I’ve been judged for this before and I don’t care), but these are some of my favorite coffee shops in the city for working, catching up with friends, or just a grab a drink to go.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in LA | The Luxi Look

My Favorite Coffee Shops in LA

My Favorite Coffee Shops in LA

My Favorite Coffee Shops in LA

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles:


This Culver City shop is such a gem. It’s family run and their coffee is the best I’ve had in the city. They roast all of their beans and I always have a pound of the French or Italian roast at home. It’s tied with Joshua Tree Coffee Company for the top spot on my list and I would go here every day if I could. The people are the nicest, the pastries as SO good, and they make hands down the best specialty drinks. GO HERE. The only downside is there’s no wifi, but it’s really not the end of the world.

Conservatory address: 10117 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232


Always reliable, with an extensive selection of coffee, tea, and juices (from Juice Served Here!). The food and pastry selection is solid as well, and the wifi is solid. Bonus points for having locations all across the city. I love me some Verve.

Verve Coffee address: 8051 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048

Blue Bottle:

If you like sweeter coffee drinks, you will LOVE the New Orleans. Their espresso drinks and whole beans are decent as well. Blue Bottle is blowing up and it’s easy to see why – each location is bright, clean, and modern on the inside. Some locations serve food (their avocado toast is the bomb) and all of them are a great place to hunker down for the day if you’re looking to get some serious work done.

Find a Blue Bottle near you HERE.


Let me preface this by saying that Alfred wins because #aesthetics, not necessarily because of the coffee (sorry!!). They serve Stumptown which just isn’t my favorite, but that’s a personal preference! In terms of location it is very convenient because I find myself on Melrose Place at least once or twice a week for various reasons. I live in West Hollywood and frequent the Melrose Place Farmer’s Market, which is conveniently located right outside Alfred Coffee AND Alfred Tea. Personally, I like Alfred Tea more (the kombucha on tap is my go-to), but if I need an iced Americano or a latte, I will stop by Alfred. It can be a bit of a scene, but there’s nothing wrong with that every now and then.

Alfred locations HERE.

What are your favorite coffee shops in LA?

xx, Amy

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It’s time to pay homage to one of my favorite brands that happens to be based in LA… Reformation. I’ve worn and featured Reformation pieces on my Instagram and blog countless times because I genuinely love them. It doesn’t hurt that their mission to make fashion more sustainable is 100% up my alley! Also, when it comes to branding, Reformation gets it right. Their marketing is tongue and cheek, they drop new product twice a week (dangerous for my wallet!), their pieces are limited release (meaning the chances of you showing up to a party wearing the same thing as another girl is slim), and most importantly they are so on point with their cut and fit.

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

This little red striped dress just screams summer – which I am desperately clinging on to (TBH not that difficult because it’s still so warm out) and because Reformation only releases pieces in small batches, it sold out quickly and I was waitlisted for a month before I finally snagged it. Very Fourth of July appropriate, right?

Even though Reformation’s forte is the perfect little summer dress (their minis and midis are always to die for!), I’ve been loving their fall and winter collections as well. This fall, I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect pair of vintage denim (< very important to buy vintage if you are interested in sustainable fashion, as denim is one of the worst offenders for water and resource usage!!) and plaid blazer.

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

Line I Love: Reformation | by The Luxi Look

In general, I find Reformation’s dresses to be their standouts. Their longer, more formal dresses are perfect for weddings (guests or bridesmaids – literally the chicest bridesmaid dresses out there), their minis are the perfect blend of vintage and modern, and their knit tops are some of my regular go-to’s for lazy weekend days. It doesn’t hurt that Ref is beloved by celebs and models as well – but seriously, who could blame them?

Ladies, if you’re in LA (or NYC or SF) you’re in luck, because Ref also has physical stores! LA ladies get access to Ref Bridal and their new, vintage only store on Melrose.

And on that note, I’m looking to incorporate more sustainable fashion labels into my wardrobe. It can be tricky to find brands that get style and function right – Ref nails it and makes sustainable + chic look effortless – but I’d love to learn about any other sustainable fashion brands you’re loving right now!

xx, Amy

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