On Slowing Down + a New Source of Inspiration

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu

HI. It’s been quite the week and I feel like I’ve neglected you guys and the blog. Every day feels like a total time crunch which is why it’s so important to have a discussion on slowing down our lives. The other week, I was reading about how our society puts so much pressure on being busy and productive. We constantly view productivity as the most important factor of our down and talk about how it is just so important to “manage” our time and get as much out of it as possible. But what if we changed the way we viewed time and how we spend it?  If time is the most important and valuable currency we have, shouldn’t we be spending it more carefully and intentionally?

It may feel contradictory to society’s go, go, go mentality, but lately everything I’ve been reading seems to be pointing to slowing down, being more mindful, saying no to things that don’t serve us, and not wasting our energy on people and things that don’t fuel us. So why is this so damn hard to do?

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

Raise your hand if you’re super type A.

Hi. Me too.

At the end of the day, the reality is that we can’t always cross off every single thing on our daily to-do list. So how do you find balance? How do you prioritize things? How do you make time for “me time” when it feels like you have no time at all?

You could push yourself harder. Sleep less, drink more caffeine, try to do it all. But if taking time to slow down is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, all signs point to the idea that maybe we shouldn’t wear ourselves into the ground if we want to be working on our craft and ourselves for a long time. Think marathon, not a sprint.

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

My mind has been on slowing down more lately.

In my attempt to figure this out, I’ve been talking to tons of people, asking them how they get things done. How they manage to do it all. The answers I get in return are refreshingly honest and a gentle reminder that we’re really too hard on ourselves with our expectations and massively unrealistic to-do lists.

In an effort to get insight from all of the insanely inspiring and overall boss babes I’ve been meeting lately, I’m excited to start rolling out interviews that dig deep into these individuals. I’m super excited to share all of the tips and stories I’ve been hearing with you guys – so stay tuned for the beginning of a new series! I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Full outfit deets below – but I’m thinking you definitely need this choker : ).

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

On Slowing Down | The Luxi Look wearing Tru Blu and Fawnstar Choker

top: tru blu | pants: tru blu | bomber: spiritual gangster | necklace: fawnstar

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely looking forward to the new series of interviews with other inspirational individuals who are trying their best to manage their busy schedules. That’s the thing about having a full-time job and a blog – it can really eat away at you and make you feel like there’s never enough time, or that what we’re doing is never enough. Thank you for the little jolt of inspiration and encouragement!

    XO, Elizabeth

  2. Siree says:

    Yes! I think we all need a daily dose of a little R&R, to slow things down a bit and have it not seen as being a loss of time better spent doing something deemed *more engaging.*

    There’s so much stress to keep going with the pace of the city and work/social pressures – especially here in Tokyo!!

    It would be great to hear how other people deal with these issues as well. Looking forward to reading these stories in your interviews 🙂


    • Amy Zhang says:

      Really excited to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned from other people!! And oh my goodness, Tokyo! Really hoping to visit for the first time later this year – I hear the energy there is incredible! xx

  3. Areli says:

    this outfit is so fun, it looks great on you! the star necklace is my favorite.
    Areli’s April
    Areli’s April on Bloglovin

  4. Lisa Linh says:

    Can’t wait for the series babe! Love the outfit as well 🙂

  5. Kay says:

    LOVE this post so much!! *shyly raises hand for type A* For me the weekend is the perfect opportunity to slow down but also to focus exclusively on what brings me the most joy out of life to do. Can’t wait for your new interview series!! As an entrepreneur myself I’m always interested in learning new things about running and growing a business. Keep slaying babe!! <3

    Much love

    • Amy Zhang says:

      I’m the same! I feel totally guilty when I don’t have a “productive” day but need to learn how to balance it out by slowing things down. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and am really excited to share some of the incredible women I’ve met! xx

  6. Jenn Wang says:

    Love this post. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and find joy in our lives. We’re busy because we’re trying to accomplish too many things we love, but what’s the point in being busy if we’re constantly unhappy and only stressing ourselves out?! CAN’T WAIT to read your new series! 🙂

  7. Jamie says:

    A reality post! Slowing down and prioritizing is so important to balancing work and life. A great read Amy!


  8. Sara Azani says:

    Your posts are always so thoughtful. Thanks for sharing! Feeling inspired. <3

    xx Sara

  9. Gabrielle says:

    I know exactly what you mean – today, being busy has been totally glorified and pushing everyone towards ‘go go go’. But you make a great point, there’s a lot to be said for slowing down occasionally! Gorgeous photos by the way, purple is definitely your colour!!


  10. Vaishali says:

    I totally agree with you. Everyone is running without even having an idea why they are running. Mind needs rest to think and work. And we should give it same. Love your words.

  11. Lindsey says:

    Definitely guilty of pushing myself too hard, too frequently! It can be such a slippery slope! I definitely do need that star choker- loved it when I saw you wearing it on Instagram 🙂


  12. Adelina says:

    Oh Amy, this series is so for me! It’s no wonder that both our names start with an “A” – Hiiii, lol!! I don’t think I can ever relax knowing that time is passing me by and its time that will be gone for good. However, when I do relax, I love to RELAX all the way! Same goes for working. I’m always all in or all out. I can’t wait to hear more on the new interview posts! SOO EXCITING!!! Balance and slowing down is MAJOR! No one ever said on their death bed that they wished they worked more, lol. Can’t wait babe!!

    xx Adelina

  13. Monica says:

    Thank for your inspiring post. first time visiting your blog and hooked!
    I love your hair btw <3


  14. Ciara says:

    That dress is so gorgeous on you and I absolutely love the way you’ve styled it. The colour is so pretty too!


  15. La Caleya says:

    Just discovered your blog!!! love it 🙂


  16. Catherine X says:

    Those interview posts sound amazing! Loved this look too – what a gorgeous set. And that choker! 🙂


  17. Jenelle says:

    Being busy all the time is like a trap I think, always mentioning how much you have been working and how hard can get a little boring. I read a lot about that from bloggers in particular and I feel like, “do you need a medal? Do you think that other people don’t work as hard?” I am not a mother or juggling a huge amount of things, so I feel like, while I am keeping myself busy and am happy to have so much to do, it’s just not that exciting to be so proud of it. I find that slowing down and taking some ‘me’ time is something I would almost rather preach, because it gives you so much space to breathe and refocus. Yoga each day helps me with this so much- or meeting up with boss babes as you have been doing! Looking forward to the interviews! Such a good idea!
    xx Jenelle

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