Reformation Tulum Two Piece

Reformation Tulum Two Piece

I’m going to Tulum next week – I could. not. be. more. excited!!! – and being the Type A planning personality I am, I’ve already started packing… lol. I’m envisioning lots of swimsuits (duh), bright colors and prints, and breezy fabrics when thinking about packing for Tulum. 

I bought this Reformation Tulum two piece set (appropriately named) at the LA sample sale a few weeks ago. My favorite trends this year have been, by far, matching two piece sets and off the shoulder everything. This particular outfit combines both and comes in a linen fabric that, despite the midi length of the skirt, keeps you cool in the summer heat. And who doesn’t love pockets? I’m obsessed. 

June in Mexico is hot, hot, hot. Providing it does not rain the whole time (fingers crossed!), we plan on spending our time exploring the ruins, swimming the cenotes, and relaxing along the beach. I’ve already made an itinerary for the full five days (shocker) but would love to hear any recommendations you have. 

I can’t wait to share a full trip recap with you! In the meantime, here’s what I currently have in my shopping bag that I’m lusting after – these pieces are perfect for any beach vacation! You can click on the image directly to shop the items, or see their descriptions below!

1. marysia antibes bikini – red hot scalloped bikini perfect for the beach

2. lack of color russo hat – love this giant hat to keep your face shielded from the intense sun. my only question is, how do you pack this?!

3. shashi belly tote – a straw beach bag is ideal for carrying the essentials

4. raye drew sandal – espadrilles with the tiniest wedge to go with all of your outfits

5. madewell slide sandals – easy slip ons for the girl on the go

6. nightcap seashell lace robe – the perfect kimono to wear over your swimsuit

7. minkpink tropical dream romper – obsessed with this printed romper

8. show me your mumu get twisted maxi – this technicolor kaftan screams island party

Are you travelling at all this summer? And, have you ever been to Tulum?? If so, what are the must dos/see/eat?! Thanks babes.

xx, Amy

Topshop Cropped Flares

Topshop Cropped Flares

As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of different denim styles lately (yes please to flares and mom jeans), and these cropped flares are no exception. Is it just me, or do they kind of remind you of the capris you wore back in high school?

This pair of cropped flares is from Topshop – one of my favorite affordable denim brands! – and under $70 (10% off if you’re a student!!). Who says trendy denim has to be expensive? I love the higher rise on these pants and the wash is appropriate for office casual Fridays. Just be careful not to eat too much when wearing high-waisted jeans : ).

I’m planning on styling these jeans with flowy blouses, bodysuits, and crop tops all summer long. I also love how cropped denim looks with heeled booties and flat sandals – they’re surprisingly versatile.

Topshop Cropped Flares

Free People Peasant Top

Here I paired my cropped flares with a peasant top in my favor color of the moment, yellow! This Free People blouse might be one of my favorite items in my closet at the moment – I love the subtle embroidery and tassels. I’ve also been wearing these Steve Madden sandals with everything – the heel is surprisingly comfortable and the nude color matches every outfit.

top: free people | jeans: topshop | shoes: steve madden (also here)

What are your thoughts on cropped denim? Yay or nay?

xx, Amy

Nasty Gal Alina One Piece Swimsuit

If the words “one piece swimsuit” make you think of your childhood Speedo swim lesson suits, think again. One piece suits have been trending for several seasons now and they’re here to stay. Despite what you might think about one pieces, they really can suit everyone and flatter every body shape!

I used to think one pieces were unflattering and not cute, at all. But these days there are so many options available, it’s almost impossible not to find one you love. Whether you’re looking to show off your body or find something more conservative, there’s something for everyone.

With that being said, I truly believe that there is no such thing as the “perfect bikini body” (I’ll save the my self-acceptance and self-love speech for another post). BUT, I think most of us have struggled with our bodies at some point and worried about how we look in a swimsuit – I know I have. I think we could all use a reminder on the importance of learning to love your body and accepting your “flaws” (which in reality are not flaws at all, but what make you unique : )).

Nasty Gal Alina One Piece Swimsuit

Nasty Gal Alina One Piece Swimsuit

swimsuit: nasty gal

If you’re still a little nervous about picking out the right suit, keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for a one piece swimsuit:

Strategically placed cutouts.

These are one your best friend when choosing a one piece suit. They can enhance or give the illusion of curves. You’ll find that most one pieces have some sort of cutout – this keeps them from giving you the dreaded swim team suit effect : ).

Get cheeky.

Cheeky bottoms are perfect for smaller gals like myself. If you choose to go with a skimpier bottom, make sure you’re comfortable so you aren’t tugging at your suit the whole day. Keep in mind that you will most likely be moving around quite a bit in your suit, so constantly adjusting your backside will get old, fast.

To give the illusion of longer legs (who doesn’t want that?) – pick a higher cut at the sides. This is perfect for shorter girls.

Anything but basic.

Patterns and prints are extremely flattering on athletic or straight and narrow body types – ruching, ruffles, anything that adds to a suit can work on less curvy gals. And if you are blessed with curves, don’t shy away from colors and print! They can work on everyone.

Leave something to the imagination.

My general rule of thumb is to show off one body part at a time. If your suit has an extreme plunging front, try to keep the back covered and the cutouts to a minimum. If you’re going with a cheekier backside, go with a higher neckline.

Comfort is key.

Personally, I like to move around, so I make sure to stick with suits that I’m not constantly worried will fall off or come undone. As I said before, if you’re constantly fidgeting with or adjusting your swimsuit, you’ll be uncomfortable and won’t be able to enjoy yourself – and isn’t that the whole point of a beach day or pool party?

Bonus: wear your one piece swimsuit as a bodysuit with your favorite denim cut-offs for an easy summer outfit that transitions on and off the beach.

I’ve rounded up my favorite one piece suits below (seriously want them alllll).

I’ll be talking about figure flattering swimsuits, how to get ready for the beach, and all things swim related all summer long. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to talk about : ).

xx, Amy

Mara Hoffman Palm Print Dress

Mara Hoffman Tie Front Palm Print

Mara Hoffman Tie Front Dress

Hi loves! Happy Hump Day andddd first day of June! I took a little break from posting last week, but I promise many more posts to come in June! Coming back to work after the long weekend was definitely a bit of a wake up call, but I’m ready to get back into a routine. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (is anyone else loving Snapchat?! Add me: @amylzhang), you saw that I attended a seriously beautiful wedding in Malibu this past weekend. Normally I freak out over what to wear to a wedding, but thankfully Rent the Runway helped me get dressed for this occasion!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Rent the Runway, it’s a rental service for designer dresses, clothing, and accessories. I first learned about Rent the Runway in college when it was introduced on my campus as an option for getting dressed for the many sorority events and parties we had. Basically, you’re able to rent designer pieces for a fraction of their retail price – you can choose the size you want, the date you want your item delivered, and the length of your delivery. You can even order a backup size for free (in case you’re unsure about sizing) or a second dress for a discounted rate. Regardless of your age or style, there’s a dress for you! It comes straight to your doorstep and is packaged so you can easily ship it back when you’re done. You don’t even need to dry clean it. I swear Rent the Runway does everything to make your experience as smooth as possible – seriously easy peasy.

Rent the Runway Rules + Tips:

  • Whatever events or parties you have, no need to worry about minor wear and tear! Dry cleaning is covered.
  • You’re able to see reviews from real girls that rented and wore the dresses – they provide photos, fit details, personal size information and the size worn for the particular dress.
  • Returns are insanely easy – just place your dress/accessories back in the package it came in, use the pre-paid return label, zip up with a security tag, and send back! Your order is subject to late fees if you do not send back in time.
  • Certain times of years are very busy for RTR – be sure to book dresses in advance for the holidays and NYE!
  • There’s also a RTR unlimited option – you get unlimited clothing and accessory rentals every month for $139/month.

Designers on Rent the Runway range from affordable (items I would buy for myself) to designer (high end pieces I would only ever wear once that I get to rent for a fraction of the price!).

A couple brands I love: Cinq a Sept, Bec & Bridge, Elizabeth + James, Free People, Tibi, Lovers and Friends, The Kooples, Tularosa, Vera Wang,

Dress rentals are typically between $30-$150, with high end dresses costing upwards of $200+ for a 4 day rental.

Rent the Runway Tropical Sunrise Dress

Matthew Williamson Rent the Runway

Matthew Williamson Tropical Sunrise Detail

Matthew Williamson Sunrise Gown

Personally, I love the concept. Instead of buying a dress and wearing it once, you can rent something fabulous and send it back hassle free. Making sure to follow the rules I talked about in this post, I picked two dresses for the weekend: this gorgeous Matthew Williamson printed maxi for the actual wedding ceremony and reception, and this printed Mara Hoffman maxi dress I’ve had my eye on for a couple of months (it’s actually still available online to buy here – after wearing over the weekend, I’m highly considering buying it to have in my closet to keep!).

Photos shot at the Westlake Village Inn – where my girl JoJo stayed during this season of The Bachelorette ; ). If you have anyyy questions about the process of renting from Rent the Runway whatsoever leave a comment below.

xx, Amy

dresses: c/o rent the runway (mara hoffman dress available here or here)


Health and wellness goes beyond physical appearance  – well being begins with healthy habits incorporated into your daily lifestyle. The older I get, the more focus I put on my personal wellness and developing long term, healthy habits that will benefit both body and mind. Although I’m no health professional, I’ve found that in general small changes in lifestyle lead to lasting results. Here are 5 healthy habits I’ve tried to incorporate regularly into my lifestyle that I have found to help my body and mind.

5 Healthy Habits To Start Today:

1. Drink water.

Duhh. Up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. I aim to drink one ounce per every pound I weigh every day. I always up my water intake BIG TIME when I’m doing a weekend detox. Extreme? I don’t think so. Water is the best beverage out there for you. Period. I keep a liter size water bottle at my desk, in my purse, in my car…

I promise, if you drink more water you will:

Be more alert. Before you reach for another cup of coffee, first chug a glass of water and see how you feel. We often don’t realize how dehydrated we are and mistake dehydration for fatigue. 

Be more in tune with your cravings. Same thing goes for hunger – it’s easy to confuse hunger and thirst. If you’re having pesky cravings, have a glass of water before choosing a snack – you’re more likely to make a healthy choice, or realize that you may not have been hungry after all.

See an improvement in the texture of your skin. I’m no dermatologist, BUT I have noticed a correlation between the amount of water I drink and how my skin looks and feels. If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know what I’m talking about. The morning after a night of drinking? Your skin is probably rebelling. Also, living in an extremely dry climate sucks the moisture of your skin, so drink up! 

– Have to go to pee more. Ha. 

2. Write down everything you eat.

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m a psycho. But hear me out – if you work a full time job that involves sitting down at a desk for the majority of your day, you’re probably not the most active person.

You don’t have to do this everyday, but it’s a helpful exercise to understand exactly what you’re eating and when you’re eating it. Keeping a log of what you eat, even if it’s only a week, helps you identify patterns such as when cravings hit or if you’re waiting too long in between meals.

Keep yourself accountable – you might be surprised how quickly little bites and snacks here and there add up. It’s a little crazy and OCD, but I largely credit this as one of the healthy habits responsible for maintaining a steady weight despite sitting down in front of a computer for 10 hours a day and only working out 2-3x a week.

3. Wear SPF.

I have talked about the importance of wearing SPF every. single. day. and I will say it again – for the sake of your future self and skin, wear SPF!! You will NOT regret this in 10 years.

4. Eat fats.

Fats are the BEST. I could do an entire post on my love for fats. They are SO GOOD FOR YOU. The negative myths on fats have been largely dispelled, but it is amazing how many people still shy away from them. People, fats are the they keep you full longer and nourish your body from the inside out. I swear my skin glows when I eat more fats. 

My favorite fats include avocados (one of my favorite foods ever), eggs WITH the yolk, almond butter, and wild caught salmon. If you eat dairy, I prefer full fat dairy – yes there are more calories, but recent studies have suggested that full fat dairy may be better for you than low-fat.

5. Be Mindful

Meditate – even if only for a few minutes a day. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase happiness. In fact, studies show that meditation can actually change your brain. I also try to write down three things a day that I’m grateful for. It doesn’t have to be big – the mere act of practicing gratitude can lead to a more positive mood, self-awareness, and being more compassionate. A healthy mind feeds a healthy body and soul. 

At the end of the day, I’m human. I am the furthest thing from perfect and I have to remind myself on a daily basis to incorporate healthy habits. Don’t even get me started on the pile of clothes on the ground that never seems to disappear, no matter how hard I try…

Building healthy habits take time but if you stick with them the results are always worth it. I know we’re 6 months out of our New Year’s Resolutions, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. What habits have you been trying to incorporate into your life or break? I’m always open to suggestions.

xx, Amy


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