Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Even though I’m an introvert at heart, I love a good party every now and then. I mean, who doesn’t? December is my favorite time of year – I love the holiday season and all of the festivities that come with it. Not to mention, December happens to be my birth month! Naturally, this means lots of holiday parties, events, indulgent dinners, and nights out. As much as I try to maintain a healthy routine, it can be almost impossible to stay entirely on track this time of year.

Determined to do it all, I’ve been trying my best to be a healthier party goer. The goal is to be social and not miss out (even though there’s nothing I love more than staying in), while sticking to some semblance of a health and wellness routine. The key is always balance, and with a little effort and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can manage your social calendar without gaining a pound. Who says you have to sacrifice your waistline for a social life?

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Tips for being a healthier party goer

+ Checks and balances

Life would be oh so great if we could just eat whatever you want, drink as much as we want, never workout, and not gain a pound. Unfortunately for most of us, that’s just not the reality of life. When it comes to going out, the biggest thing is making sure everything balances out. Meaning, if you indulge more in one area, you have to tighten up in another. Some examples: if you’re planning on drinking more than normal, maybe skip the dessert one night. If you want seconds of your favorite holiday dish, keep the portion size small. Of course, you know your body best, and if you rarely indulge, there’s no need to be so strict either! If your routine is usually pretty light and healthy, you have to trust your body to be able to handle a few extra cocktails and a slice of pie.

+ Make healthy choices

Most parties will have healthier options. Stick to veggies and proteins. If you’re worried about the options that will be available, consider bringing a healthier dish as a contribution. There’s also no shame in bringing your own healthy snack! In college, I would pack wheat PB&J sandwiches in my purse if I knew there was late night pizza in my future and I wanted to avoid it. A little discipline goes a long way! When it comes to alcohol, stick to clear spirits (tequila, vodka) with sparkling water and extra lemon/lime.

If you’re really craving a cocktail, have just one – craft cocktails are FILLED with sugar and one will usually do the trick. Switch to cleaner drinks after if you want to continue drinking. If you’re not into vodka sodas, sip some bubbly!! A glass of champagne is less than 100 calories, and you’re much less likely to chug a glass of champagne because of the bubbles. If you’re worried about standing around without an alcoholic beverage, grab a glass of sparkling water and lime. You’ll save yourself from tons of calories, unnecessary sugar, and a nasty hangover the next day.

+ Eat before parties and enough

I hear so many girls say they won’t eat before events or will skip meals – I’m guilty of this too – but the reality is your body needs fuel! When you don’t eat, your body essentially goes into “starvation mode” and begins to hold onto extra calories, effectively slowing your metabolism. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten is to always have a small snack before going out – an apple, a little bit of protein (turkey slices, hard boiled egg), a handful of nuts – it’ll settle your stomach and prevent you from gorging at the actual event. If you’re on a stricter diet, make sure to eat in advance if you aren’t sure what will be available to eat at a party. The last thing you want is to show up starving and have no healthy options available.

+ Drink water

Especially if you’re drinking. The age old advice to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a glass of water is tried and trued. Staying hydrated will stave off hunger and hangovers – such a no brainer!

+ Up the workouts

Squeeze in a workout whenever you have an extra moment. If your schedule is extra busy, try incorporating HIIT or treadmill intervals into your routine – these quick, high intensity workouts are super effective at torching calories on the fly. Schedule your workouts into your calendar or sign up for a workout class with a friend – that way you can be accountable! Making time to take care of yourself and your health and wellness is ALWAYS worth it.

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Be a Healthier Party Goer This Year | by The Luxi Look

Of course, you want to look appropriately festive for all of your holiday events! If you’re looking for a holiday party outfit that will take you from office to night, this duster jacket has been one of my favorite pieces. I can’t get enough of all things metallic right now – festive without being over the top! I’ve linked my entire outfit below, as well as some of my other favorite metallic holiday pieces.

Happy Holidays, everyone!! How do you stay healthy during this time of year? xx

duster: house of harlow | t-shirt: similar | jeans: similar

jewelry: dogeared | shoes: steve madden | purse: gucci


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  1. I’m always skipping meals before heading out. I used to not eat for the whole day if I was going out at night (when I was a teen) but I don’t have that kind of willpower anymore! Which is probably a good thing since we used to binge on junk at the end of the night


  2. Briana says:

    I love the length of this duster! The material is gorge as well!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Loving this metallic duster jacket and those white booties <3 Gorgeous combo! And thank you so much for sharing all of these great tips, Amy! 🙂 Hahah I'm definitely guilty of eating an extra serving (or two) or mashed potatoes and dessert at holiday parties, so these tips are definitely going to come in handy! Hope you're having a great week, love!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. Jessica K says:

    This is a unique perspective I haven’t read anywhere… but so important! December, preceded by November, is a much of indulgence. Thank you for the constant reminder to not only stay mentally healthy, but physically healthy!

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

  5. This is definitely the time for parties and socializing. I am a bit of an introvert as well but I love spending time with family and friends. I have a hard time staying away from sweets more than alcohol but I need to try and do better. Sticking to the veggie platters is prob a good idea for me and filling up on actual meals than sweets. I love this metallic kimono babe and how you styled it is so perfect with the white accessories! xoxo, Christine
    Daily Kongfidence

  6. Jessica says:

    Really beautiful duster you have here dear. The color and material are perfect for parties, you paired it perfectly with that white top too.

    Jessica |

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