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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “are you a full-time blogger?” The answer: no.

I work a full-time job in entertainment. I started blogging on the side (a post for another day) and have come to love the creative aspect and community that comes with it. I love blogging and make a concerted effort to fit it into my day when I can.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. I have a tendency to overload myself with a massive to do list (anyone obsessed with making lists?!) and get anxious when I can’t seem to cross everything off. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that multitasking is a myth and prioritization is everything.

Personally, I’d rather work smart than (unnecessarily) hard.

It all comes down to being focused. Which isn’t easy (for me). I get distracted easily and always have a million thoughts running through my head.

The number thing I do when I need to focus – the Pomodoro Technique. Yes, like the tomato.

Basically, it’s a time blocking method. You might think you’re great at multi tasking, but recent research suggests that, surprise, it doesn’t actually work! Think about it: You’re much more likely to get stuff done and do it well if you focus on one thing at a time.

Here’s how it works:

1. Turn your phone on airplane mode (seriously, the biggest distraction. Put it away!!)

2. Put in noise cancelling headphones. I like to listen to white noise or a track of the rainforest.

3. Set a timer. I use my phone’s alarm and set it to 25 minutes.

4. Focus 100% on the task ahead of you. Nothing else.

5. When the timer goes off, take a 5 minute break. Do whatever you want during this time.

Rinse and repeat.

** Feel free to experiment with your times. If you’re on your work flow and can grind through an hour of continuous work before taking a break, more power to you. If you’re having a hard time focusing, take longer breaks.

If it’s really not happening, I suggest taking a few hours, or even a day off entirely. You’re better off coming back when you’re refreshed and ready to work.

I’m still working on prioritizing my to do list and really focusing on one task at a time. For now, I’m really loving the Pomodoro Technique.

What are your tips for getting shit done?! 

xx, Amy

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  1. Kandja Sylla says:

    I like the sound of Pomodoro Technique. I honestly thought at first it was about cooking pasta (haha!). I like the tips you gave here since most of us like to multi-task. Yes we have to know how to work “smart”. Thanks for reminding me this! xx

    • Amy Zhang says:

      Haha, it does sound like it would be related to pasta! I’m totally guilty of multi-tasking and thinking I’m so clever, but in reality most of us could probably benefit from focusing solely on one task at a time! Thanks so much for reading, Kandja 🙂 xx

  2. So true that prioritizing is really everything. Thinking of things as having deadlines really helps. 🙂 My phone has so many reminders to help keep me on track. 🙂
    Great list!


    • Amy Zhang says:

      Totally agree, Miki! I’m obsessed with using my phone calendar and notes section for jotting things down. I just started carrying a notebook with me everywhere as well which has helped tremendously. Thanks for your tips as well 🙂 xx

  3. Prioritizing is a must, otherwise you really will not get much if anything done. I use a notepad as well as my phone as my daily reminder of things I need to do. I like what you said about working smarter than harder. I think that way you can also accomplish a great deal. x

    Ann-Marie |

    • Amy Zhang says:

      Thanks for reading, Ann-Marie! I recently just got a notebook as well and have been carrying it with me everywhere, I really think writing things down sometimes is so much better than having it on our phones! xx

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